Robots developed in ROPOD

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Multi-floor autonomous cart transportation
Single-floor autonomous cart transportation
Cart detection and docking
Cart detection and pose estimation
Cart detachment recovery during navigation
Cart docking action
Multi floor autonomous cart transportation
Basic maneuvers of ropod
Tube driving
Simulation of maneuver based navigation
Velocity based cooperative object transportation
TRL4 rood motion planning
Motion planning ropo+load TRL4 TU e
ropod control simulation 4 smart wheels
Motion planning simulation
Safe collision with an object Zone MPC
ropod compliant control when docking to a cart
Zone MPC compliant behavior while driving
Robot user interaction without compliant control
Robot compliant behavior when docking to a cart
Tube driving obstacle avoidance
Teleoperation test in Lab
Force sensorless compliant control
Teleoperation test in a TRL5 like environment
Remote experiment execution
Load transportation in the computer science building
Load transportation experiment
Load navigation and elevator maneuver

Images of the ROPOD project

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