Strategic Objectives

Develop and implement a disruptive concept for AGVs that lowers still existing barrier in logistics by offering

  • cost-effective, automated or semi-automated indoor transportation of goods,
  • while coping with existing legacy in terms of size, shape, and weight of goods and containers,
  • without imposing disruptive changes in existing logistic solutions, such as rebuilding entire warehouses or switching to new containers or storage technology.

Technical Objectives

Develop a modular mechatronic concept for an AGV that

  • is ultra-flat and has a height of less than 10 cm (initial prototype: max 15 cm) to fit under a logistic vehicle or container with little clearance
  • can be configured into a formation of vehicles, which together can carry, push, or tow
    • payloads between 100 kg up to a ton
    • objects of arbitrary size
  • can deal with the legacy of existing logistic solutions and can be easily deployed under arbitrary loads
  • has an omni-directional kinematic structure i.e. can move in all directions nearly instantly
  • can be distributed at a price which is significantly below the price of comparable vehicles
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